Linda Sannuti

Linda Sannuti


Thank you to all my buyers!! Hello, and welcome to my world of digital art and photography. Ten years ago I started working for a local music magazine doing film photography. I was taking live performance shots for bands such as NIN, Marilyn Manson and Brooks and Dunn. Although I have not been formally trained, for the past 6 years I have dabbled in the digital art arena and discovered a whole new world of expressive art that has become my passion. With each new print I uncover a new atmospheric layer and bring to life imaginative, colorful shapes that are both inciteful and pleasing to the eye. Please, browse my website and discover for yourself the passion for art that drives me to continually improve upon my trade. I am also interested in a publishing deal to distribute my art world wide. You can also find my artwork used on blogs of spiritual websites ..http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Digital-Expressions/116821381719362

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Happy Viewing,
Digital Expressions
by Linda Sannuti
You may also view my passion for all things artistic on my music site.
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My specialties are Digital Abstracts and Photography.
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Popping Passion by Linda Sannuti


Magnetic Sphere by Linda Sannuti


Heart Invasion by Linda Sannuti


A Mother's Day Card by Linda Sannuti


Heart Lips by Linda Sannuti


Blue Dream by Linda Sannuti


San Simeon Pier by Linda Sannuti


Calypso by Linda Sannuti


The Abyss by Linda Sannuti


Alien Abduction by Linda Sannuti


Valentine's Day Card by Linda Sannuti


Shattered And Broken by Linda Sannuti


Space Between by Linda Sannuti


Red Planet by Linda Sannuti


Winter Cosmic Heart by Linda Sannuti


Into The Universe by Linda Sannuti


Un philtre d'amour by Linda Sannuti


Universe Spirit by Linda Sannuti


Feeling Abstract by Linda Sannuti


My Galaxy Window by Linda Sannuti


Hearts At Sea by Linda Sannuti


Two Hearts Beat As One by Linda Sannuti


Planet Jelly by Linda Sannuti


Beauty Of Nature by Linda Sannuti


Mi Amor by Linda Sannuti